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Listen to this report from Ken Kelly on Galway Bay FM today at 6pm.

Today was a very exciting one for us all here in Clontuskert. Our victorious All Ireland winning Spikeball Team had a party thrown in their honour at the school. All of the students were very busy brightening up the hall and the school and getting ready for the big celebration. Ken Kelly from Galway Bay FM came to hear all our news and a photorapher came from the Connaucht Tribune to take the team’s photo.

Ms. Burke and Mr. O’ Riordan made lovely speeches praising the team and and supporters and commented on what good examples of fair play they displayed both on and off the court yesterday. Fr. Finneran was very proud of our small school who are now the “best of the best” in Ireland. There was a large crowd at the party of parents and well wishers from the parish, who also came out in force last night to show their support!

The team bus was met at the cross with scores of well wishers with banners, flags and a bonfire in celebration. After stopping to pick up more students from the school the bus travelled on to St. Augustine’s where a huge crowd had gathered with another bonfire lit. The team were greeted with songs and chants of congratulations. I’m sure this will live on in their memories forever. What an amazing two days!!

Congratulations one and all!!

Spikeball All Ireland Cup makes its way to Clontuskert

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