Handball President


On Thursday 6th May 2010 4th, 5th and 6th class were visited by the President of the Handball Association. He visited our session in Derry Mullen Handball Alley to see how good we were at handball.

The President talked to us about handball and all of the rules that you need to know. The first tip he gave us was to wear safety goggles. The second tip he talked to us about was to stay focused and calm. The third tip he talked to us about was to watch the ball.

We learned that Handball is part of the GAA. We also learned that playing sports keep you fit. The president told us that he began playing handball when he was seven years old. He can’t play handball at the moment because he has an injury on his upper arm.

After the handball class we went outside to take photographs of the President and the school children together. After that a photograph was taken of my sister and I because we’re the first twins to play in the handball alley.

`This photograph is very special to us because we love playing handball every Thursday and meeting the President of the Handball Association was a great honour.

Firstly, I would like to thank Mr Peter Mulryan for coaching us and teaching us the rules of the game. I would also like to thank Mr O’Riordan and Ms Lynch for bringing us to handball every Thursday. Finally, I wish to thank the President of the Handball Association for coming to meet us.

By Primrose and Daisy

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