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Report on the origins of handball in Clontuskert:
On the 15/4/10 we started handball. Peter Mulryan was coaching us.The classes that went are 4th,5th and 6th class.We shall be doing handball for the next 8 weeks.We travelled to Derrymullen. There is a handball court there. Inside there is one court. When we went inside the court we started running around to warm up. Then we did running exercises to help us run like you are in handball. We then started to practise hitting the ballup aginst the wall. After everyone had got a turn each we got playtime. Everyone was running around and throwing,so there was not alot of places to go without getting hit! But we were quick that none of us did!!!

After everyone was done playing,it was time to go. We had lots of fun. Thank you Peter Mulryan.

By Walaweegi and Xfactor.

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