Launch of Galway Science Festival

Gerry Kicommins, Bill Hawkins and students from Clontuskert

We were invited to the launch of Galway Science and Technology Festival. We met Bill Hawkins there. He is the Head of Medtronic across the world. We showed him our Wind Turbine Models. We explained about all the parts from the nacelle to the foundation and showed him the gear box with a worm gear and a 24 tooth gear and that it is built to scale. He was very happy with us.
Star and Angel interviewed him and recorded it for our school newspaper The Clontuskert Tribune. He is in charge of 43,000 people across the world! Wow! It was a great day!

By Red Devil and Homer.

Robotic Wind Turbines built and designed by Clontuskert NS Students

Explaining the engineering behind Wind Turbine Models to Bill Hawkins (Medtronic)

Science fun with Bill Hawkins (Medtronic)

Bill Hawkins (Medtronic) speaking at launch of Galway Science and Technology Festival in UCG

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