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This year we visited St.Augustine’s church in Clontuskert to learn about the church and how to be an altar servers from Fr.Finneran. These are some of the things we learned.

The Priest’s Vestments:

The alb is the robe Fr Finneran puts on first.


The cincture is used to tie up the alb.


Next Fr.Finneran puts on the stole


The Chasuble goes over the Alb and the Stole.


Server’s jobs at mass.
1.Put on robes and tie them up.
2.Sign the book.
3.Say server’s prayer.
4.Make sure everything is out on the table or altar.
5.Make sure the radio and microphone are on.

Names of items used during the mass:

The chalice, the paten (which goes over the chalice)the purification cloth and the salver and crutes .
Sometimes the crozier is carried by the bishop during mass.

There is also the finger bowl which is full with water. Father dips his fingers in it. Then there is also the back and front pattans.

Some interesting facts:

Any priest may retire at seventy five year of age.
Fr.Finneran was ordained forty six years ago.

Instructions for servers.


When the servers are ringing the bell they have to ring it four or five times,depending on whether the choir are there or not. They ring when Father says Holy,holy,holy Lord.

Next they ring it when Father puts his hands over the chalice,then you ring it when he holds up the holy bread.
Then when he holds up the wine and lastly when father drinks the wine.


After the gospel the servers walk over to the table and bring over most of the items to the altar.
Next you go and do the baskets.
After that Father drinks the wine you then get the pattans and either go with the Minister of Eucharist or Father Finneran.
Then after Communion the person who had front pattan goes up to the altar and pours water into the chalice.



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