Clontuskert Abbey Project

The Rood Screen

Click here to see the Photosynths we have made of the Priory of St. Mary or Clontuskert Abbey.

This is the group from Clontuskert NS that made the Photosynth


This week 8 people went to the Abbey to take photos. That is how we got the 3D image of the Abbey on the computer. The Chapter room was where the monks read chapters of the Bible. The rood screen was separating the people from the monks. The Cloister was their little garden. The West door way is famous for the carvings of saints and symbols. The Chancel is where the monks said mass. They kept their animals in the North Transept. The East window is famous for its lovely works of art. The oven is where they cooked their food.

By Bing Bong, WBM and Butterfly 60

The Cloister

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