Mission V

So this year we are taking part in Mission V. Read all about it here! www.missionv.ie
Last night our avatars did a bit of exploring!
Click on our podcast to hear all about our adventures! So cool!
By Mario, Buttercup and Angel!

Mission V First Login

MissionV is a not for profit organisation specialising in the use of game based learning and virtual worlds technology for the support of students; particularly those who are at risk of significantly underachieving and those with high potential. Clontuskert is one of only twenty schools, in the whole country, taking part in a pilot programme this year.

Our students will use geometric building tools to collaboratively construct 3D replicas of real world or fantasy structures and program those objects to generate a fully interactive world. They communicate and plan their projects via their digital character or avatar making this a truly immersive and engaging learning experience. MissionV has a key role to play in the teaching of STEM (Science, Technology, Education & Maths) subjects.
(Adapted fromwww.missionv.ie)

We will update you on our progress as often as possible! In November we will take part in a virtual science exhibition for National Science Week. This will be based on the theme, ‘The Chemistry of Life’. We have lots of ideas! Come visit us to find out how we are getting on!

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    Mission V is very good

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