Web Safety

As per our Internet Acceptable Use Policy, students use nicknames when accessing the blog. Students are also not indentified in Photographs.

Each student in Clontuskert has completed the Web Wise Internet Safety Course in SPHE class time. www.webwise.ie
This course encompasses the following Modules:
1. Surfwise
2. Chatwise
3. Sharewise
4. GameWise

We have found that it helps students to be responsible on the Web.

Brendan Smith from DERI Galway has spoken to our Parents Association regarding Web Safety and Cyber Safety. Read his excellent article on the journal.ie here.

We have embeded many YouTube videos to our blog. Below you can see how to enable the safety mode on YouTube.

This is a good video for Parents to help learn about what you should do to keep your child safe on the internet:

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