Clontuskert N.S. Staff in conjunction with the school’s PA and BOM renewed each of the Curricular Plans over the school year 2013-2014. The plans below were ratified by the BOM on Wednesday 17th September 2014.
Please contact the school on if you would like to copy these plans.

Core Subjects:
Gaeilge-Whole School-Clontuskert

Mathematics-Whole School-Clontuskert

English-Whole School-Clontuskert

SESE Subjects:
Geography-Whole School-Clontuskert

History-Whole School-Clontuskert

Science-Whole School-Clontuskert

Arts Subjects:
Art-Whole School-Clontuskert

Drama-Whole School-Clontuskert

Music-Whole School-Clontuskert

Health Education:
PE-Whole School-Clontuskert

SPHE-Whole School-Clontuskert

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