Clontuskert students appear in Belgian newspaper 

Clontuskert students appear in a photo in Belgian newspaper Het Belang Van Limburg. It’s a national newspaper so has quite some reach in Belgium. The article is about the Human Differences Project envisioned and coordinated by Koen Timmers (in the photo) and Tammy Dunbar from the US.

Find out about Clontuskert’s work in the Human Differences Project here

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Visit from Galway Captain David Burke

Today David Burke came to our school. He came into our classroom to talk to us about what he does. As well as playing for the Galway Hurling team he is a teacher in St. Brigid’s College Loughrea as a woodwork and technical graphics teacher.  He is in the classroom beside Johnny Coen (who plays in midfield with him) so they know each other very well. He has three All-Stars, two League medals and one Leinster medal, hopefully soon to be two! He was giving us advice on how to be a good player. David plays his club hurling for St. Thomas’.
He told us that he sometimes found it hard to keep cool but he learned to become a good sport and keep a cool head. He also said if you encourage your teammates, they’re more like to play better and if you shout they might feel like you don’t think they are playing well and that might tear them down. He also looks after himself by eating healthily and told us that it is important to eat our vegetables as part of a balanced diet. He said that he thought our healthy lunches as part of Health Promoting Schools, was a great idea. David said it is important to keep your friends in school as he is still friends with people who have now moved to different countries! He went to Kilchreest primary school and is still friends with his classmates. We asked him loads of questions and he gave us a training session and autographed our gear.

Thanks David for a wonderful day, one that we will remember forever!

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Summer Reading Challenge 2017

Today Bríd from Ballinasloe Library came to tell us about the Summer Reading Challenge for 2017. 

We hope to register for the challenge. From the start of July you register in the new library building in Ballinasloe and get a bookmark and wristband and everything you need to help you read at least eight books over the summer (more if you like!) 

Then you write a Book review on one of the books and there will be certificates and an award ceremony in September. Best of luck to our Clontuskert readers! 

Congratulations to Bríd and Kieran and the team in Ballinasloe Library on the wonderful new building in town. 

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John Butler and David Fallon Visit

John Butler and David Fallon Visit

• John Butler is an engineer and David Fallon is an ecologist.
• They work together in Bord na Mona but they have different jobs.
• 10,000 years ago all of Ireland was covered in ice. Then it all melted and it became lakes. Then it all evaporated into the bog and that why it’s squishy.
• We have lots of bogs here in Ireland
• They want to keep bogs wet.

• Biodiversity
Climate change
Flood Control
Refuge for species under pressure
• Birds like to eat young heather and then they hide in the old heather
• A Eurasian Curlew has a very long beak and long flamingo like legs. The Wing span is quite large as well.
• They have long beaks so they can stick it underground and pick up an insect if they feel it moving.
• If you try to catch a lizard by the tail, it will come off and the lizard would get away
• On one bog called Drina there are around 70 species of birds and animals
• The life span is around 40 years.
• They loved going to see the bog when they were younger
• They have 1,200 tractors in operation
• They have to manufacture their own machines as no companies make machinery fit for the bog.
• Average size for bog would be 200-300 hectares. Sometimes near 1,000.

Let’s celebrate women in engineering 

#INWED17 via @EngineerIreland

This is a Double Harrow. This was one of the most recent large scale designs by John and his team. It was developed by the team in 2015.

It is approx. 30 m wide and is the largest tractor towed attachment we are aware of world wide.

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Friday Assembly 23-6-2017

Today at Assembly we spoke about our busy week and preparations for finishing school next Friday 30th June. 

On Monday 6th Class will have a Transition to Secondary Workshop with Helen Butler. Tuesday sees a training session with Galway captain, David Burke. On Wednesday Fr. Anthony Kelly will visit to tell us about his work on the missions. What a great week to finish on! 

Congratulations to our Students and Writers of the Week. 

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Congratulations Fr. Finneran

To celebrate Fr. Finneran’s 50th Golden Jubilee we invited him to school today. The teachers shared a lovely lunch with him and then he came to the Senior Room to see a film of memories we had made for him. We told Fr. Finneran all of the things we wanted to thank him for and what makes him such a special part of the Clontuskert family. 

Comhghairdeas Fr. Finneran! 

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Dogs Trust Workshop

Aoife Murdock from Dogs Trust is visiting today to teach us how to look after and care for dogs. She is telling us about the dogs that the canine carers look after in Dogs Trust. 
DOGS Trust

• Aoife Murdock came to visit on Thursday 22nd 2017 to talk about Dogs Trust. She is an Education Officer. She told us that Dogs Trust take in stray or lost dogs. Some of them go to the pound to bring some Dogs back.

• There are over 200 dogs in Dogs Trust.

• For the dogs that are unable to leave their kennel, they get volunteers to come in and play with them and read them stories.

• She said if you want to get a dog ask yourself if you have enough time, money and space because dogs live for around 12-15 yrs. That would cost you around 15-20,000 euros.

• A dog will stay in the pound for five days to give the owner a chance to come and get it.

• Dogs have a little microchip in them so if they’re lost the vet can scan it and see the owners name address and contact number.

• Don’t ever give dogs yeast or chocolate. Never pet or disturb a dog while they’re eating because they could growl snap or bite.

• Bring dogs for two walks each day to give them exercise.

• She showed us the proper way to clean up poop.

• You should Always use a lead when walking a dog.

• Ask the owner first. Do the safe hand. Ask where you can pet them in case they have had an operation or are cross

By Daffodil

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Clontuskert Sports Day 2017

Today Clontuskert held our annual Sports Day and we had a wonderful day of sunshine for it. Thanks to Ms. Egan for organising a fantastic day. 

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Annual Spring Clean

Thanks to everyone who took part in Clontuskert’s Annual Spring Clean today. Many hands make light work! See the transformation of the school in the photos below. 

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Friday Assembly 16-6-2017

Congratulations to our Students and Writers of the Week.

Today at Assembly we spoke about our busy week with school tours, 6th Class Graduation and the 50th Jubilee and 40th Ruby Celebrations for Fr. Michael Finneran and Fr. Anthony Kelly later this evening in Clontuskert Parish Church. 

The celebrations start at 6.00pm and the students have helped to decorate the church. Congratulations Fr. Finneran and Fr. Kelly. 

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