Ms. Amelie Voyard Venant

Ms. Voyard Venant will teach all of the students of Clontuskert N.S. French this year.

Read all about Ms. Voyard Venant’s work by clicking here.

Bonjour et bienvenue en classe de français !

Here we will post about what we do in French this year. You can expect podcasts, videos, pictures and maybe even links towards cool websites.

Bonne visite !


Lessons & games

Exercice : les voyelles

A la télé, je regarde…

Quelle heure est-il ?
Quelle heure est-il ? Exercices

Mots croisés 1 (crosswords)
Mots croisés 2 (crosswords)

Le corps humain
Victor chez le docteur, 1/2
Victor chez le docteur, 2/2

Revision games


Junior & Senior Infants
La semaine
Le marché
Meunier, tu dors

1st class & 2nd class
Le marché
Meunier, tu dors

3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th class
Le restaurant
Chez le docteur

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