Ms. Egan’s Room

Ms. Egan (nee Burke) teaches Resource in Clontuskert. Ms. Egan has taught in Clontuskert since 2003. She especially loves teaching English and PE. Ms. Egan introduced Spikeball to Clontuskert and has mentored our successful All Ireland gold and silver medal winning teams. She also coordinates Health Promoting Schools in Clontuskert.

Here you can see Ms. Burke with some of the students from the school. They are presenting her with cards before her wedding in April 2011. Congrats Ms. Burke!

Read all about Ms. Burke by clicking here.

Congratulations to Ms. Nicola Burke who was married on Saturday 9th of April 2011. On her last day before her wedding all of the students made cards for Ms. Burke and the Parents Association presented her with a bouquet of flowers. We wish Ms. Burke every good wish and happiness in her married life!

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