Setting up STAGE


A Comenius Project

For the next two years our school will be involved in a Comenius project. In Comenius schools from across Europe come together to work on a project to learn about each others countries and cultures. Last year Mr. O’ Riordan and our mascot Larry the Legend Leprechaun went to Durham, England to meet teachers from other schools and to see if we could find partners to work with. We are partnered with two schools in England, a school in France, Sweden, Estonia and Spain. Our project name is STAGE – which stands for Seven Towards A Greener Europe. The theme for year one of our project is paper usage and recycling and in year two we will learn about the different bird species in each country. Check in here or read our newspaper online to learn more about our project.

Dia dhiabh a pháistí,Dia dhiabh!

Larry anseo! An bhfuil nuacht agat? An bhfuil ag déanamh a lán obair?

Last night I showed people from different countries pictures of our school and of the parish. They thought Clontuskert was very beautiful and that we had a great school. They were really impressed with your singing of Óró sé rap and your school news letter. People in France, Sweden, Estonia and many more are going to show your paper to their children

Today we got into groups to do projects together. The picture below shows our group – there are schools from Spain, France, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden and two from England. That’s me at the front of the group!

Slán libh go fóil

Beidh mé arais


Comenius group


A Comenius Project


For the next two years our school will be involved in a Comenius project. In Comenius schools from across Europe come together to work on a project to learn about each others countries and cultures. Last year Mr. O’ Riordan and our mascot Larry the Legend Leprechaun went to Durham, England to meet teachers from other schools and to see if we could find partners to work with. We are partnered with two schools in England, a school in France, Sweden, Estonia and Spain. Our project name is STAGE – which stands for Seven Towards A Greener Europe. The theme for year one of our project is paper usage and recycling and in year two we will learn about the different bird species in each country. Check in here or read our newspaper online to learn more about our project. 

Recycled paper from our Comenius Partners

Here are some pictures of the letters and cards we received from our Comenius partners. They are all made from recycled paper

Recycled paper from Dryden School England

One of our Comenius partners, Dryden Secondary School in England, has sent us a letter on recycled paper that they made. It’s very cool! We’ve made recycled paper too and have sent letters to all our Comenius partners.

Dr. Sarah Knights Visit

On the 30-3-2011 Dr. Sarah Knight came to visit the school. She works in the Ryan Institute in NUI Galway. She came to talk to us about paper and where it came from because as part of our Comenius project we are learning about paper. She showed us how to write our name in Egypt. She showed us three different types of paper. Bamboo, normal paper and recycled newspaper are three different types of paper. She also showed us some pictures. Everyone learned a lot from her. Listen to podcast about Sarah Knight’s visit The Paperpacket on Paper and see her presentation An Ode to Paper. By Butterfly60 and Primrose.

Comenius Visit Wednesday 16th

 On the 2nd day our Comenius partners had arrived at the school we all showed them sports and dances from our country and our school garden. We were all split into 5 groups. There was a group of Hurling, handball, Spikeball, Lego and our school garden. Thankfully it was a lovely day so we all think they enjoyed the day very much. Later in the day we were all inside and we performed our French play and they were very pleased. After the play some of Mr. O’Riordan’s class were paired with the Comenius teachers for Ceili dancing. When the music got going everyone was having great fun. When all this was finished we planted an apple tree in honour of the visit. At the very end of the day our Comenius friends had great fun and so did the pupils. By Bingbong and Bobbles.

Comenius Visit Tuesday 15th

On  Tuesday  the  15/03/2011  the Comenius  visitors  came to our school at half  nine  in  the  morning. They  all  went down  to  the  hall  and  then  Miss. Scott’s  room  came  and  Mrs. Murray’s  room  came  down  we  all  sat  down. Miss. Scott’s  room  got  up  and sang song’s in English, Irish  and French  then  we  did  some  Irish dancing   Buttercup, Angel, Daisy Flower, Triggy, Little Star  and  Daffodil  All did the Irish dancing. Then  Mrs. Murray’s  room  did a  French play  and  they  did  some  English  and Irish  song’s  and  poem’s  then  we  went  back  and  they  all  came  in  group’s  of  three  and  we  talked  about  our  Lego  project  and  we  showed them  the  film  we  made  last  year  called  Larry’s  Adventure  when  Rutt  from Estonia  came  in  she  gave  us  five  packets  of  sweet  then  it  was  time  to  go  home  and  then  that  was  the  end  of  the  day. In the afternoon Joe Molloy gave the Comenius group a tour of Clontuskert Abbey and Fiona Maguire showed them some of Clontuskert’s ringforts in Gurteenaveela.

Our Comenius Visitors are here

Irish Dancing


Today our Comenius visitors are here to meet all of us. So far we had an Assmebly and met them all. Now we are talking about our train project with the Swedish teachers. Les said that Mr. O’ Riordans soup was very ,very nice. All the Comenius teachers said that we have a great school.
See some pictures of their visit below. 

Exploring Clontuskert Abbey

Comenius Visitors

Our Comenius partners arrived in Clontuskert on Monday 14th of March and were in Galway until Friday. During their visit they met the school children, visited our local abbey and ring forts, and experienced the life and culture of Clontuskert. On Monday night there was a special welcome ceremony in Clontuskert Hall for our Partners which were attended by Galway County Mayor Jimmy McClearn and Bishop of Clonfert John Kirby. We also had the Táin music group and the Cul Na Mearagain set dancers.

The Comenius Preparation

Before our Comenius partners arrived at the school we had to decorate the school and learn about the different countries in the S.T.A.G.E. group.

We were put into groups and each group had to learn about a country. We showed the other classes a slide-show of what we learned about the country. Miss Palmucci taught us a French play to perform. We learned Ceili dancing to teach them. We painted the windows of the hall, classrooms and staffroom, we painted the flags of each country, we painted “hello” in each language and we painted the name of the country. We picked an artist from every country. Here are the artists we learned about:

Spain: Joan Miro; Estonia: Navitrolla; Sweden: Magnus Alexanderson; England: William Morris; France: Matisse

We also did our own version of the piece of artwork by each artist, when they were all finished we put them in the hall for display for the Comenius people to admire. We made the flags of each country and put them up around the school, we also made posters about each country. Everyone worked very hard in decorating the school. In the end it was perfect!!! By Bobbles and Bingbong.

Comenius Visitors

Our Comenius partners arrive in Clontuskert on Monday 14th of March and will be in Galway until Friday. During their visit they will meet the school children, visit our local abbey and experience the life and culture of Clontuskert. On Monday night there will be a special Welcome Ceremony in Clontuskert Hall for our Partners which will be attended by Galway County Mayor; Jimmy McClearn and Bishop of Clonfert; John Kirby.

We look forward to their visit

Click on the link to see our Comenius Visitors STAGE PARTNERS

European Map Work

As you all know our STAGE Comenius Partners are coming to visit us next week. We have all been learning about the countries that will be visiting us; Sweden, England, Spain, France and Estonia. To help us learn where the countries are on the European Map we are making our own map. Look at the work we did today- we still have lots to do but it is great fun!

Paper Survey

5th and 6th class wrote questions about paper for a survey. We asked Mrs Murray’s room, Miss Scott’s room and our own room eleven different questions about how paper is made and what we use it for. We gave out sheets with the questions so they could answer them. Then we took up their sheets with the answers on them and then we counted all the answers and made them into a chart. We used Microsoft Excel to create the chart. We put all the charts onto Microsoft Power Point.

Julia Kelly Interview


Julia Kelly is a teacher at Dryden School in Newcastle. She will be visiting our school in March.


How many students are in the school? 

There are 51 students in my school their ages are 13 – 19 years. 

What sports do you have in the school? 

Sport is extremly important in our schoolHere are the sports that we play: 

The students in key stgae 3 go swimming once a week at the local pool. 

We have a special pool in our school called the Hydro pool. The water is kept at a certain temperature and it is very important for students who need to build strength in ther legs, also to relax thier muscles.We play a game called Boccia. Students in key stage four have karate once a week.We play table top cricket; which is great fun 

We lhave athletics, table tennis, rugby, trampoline 

Did you always want to be a teacher you were small? 

Since the age of 3 I have always wnated to be a teacher. I love children and teaching is very important to me My Dad was a Head teacher in a primary school. My Mam is a retired Primary tecaher and my sister is Head of scinece in a secondary school (even though she said she would never be a teacher). So i have come being in a teaching environment. I have taught in Primary schools. I was a supply teacher for a while and now I work In a Special Needs Secondary school. I have links with a school in Uganda and have been out to teach in the school during my holidays which is very different – no computers, very few books and paper. 

Tina Seger Interview


Tina is a teacher Maria Parkskolan school in Helsingborg Sweden. She will visit us in March 

Tell me about your school? 

  Our school is quite big, we have children from 1-16 years old. From 1-5 years old they attend nursery school, and from 6-16 years old they attend compulsory school. We are about 450-500 students in compulsory school. The school is situated on the outskirts of the town, close to the forest. The building has a quite interesting history, since it´s an old mental hospital, one of the biggest in the Nordic countries! Our school is named Maria Parkschool, after the old hostpital, St Maria hospital. And it´s said to be haunted!! 

What’s your favourite part of your job? 

 My favourite part of the job is when I am with the students. I love to talk and discuss with them! When I do that I learn just as much as they do. And I do have very nice pupils. But I also like to travel and visit my schoolpartners in the Comenius project!! 

Do your students have any pastimes? 

Yes, the students do a lot at their freetime. Many of them do different sports, like football, floor ball, ice hockey, horse riding, hand ball, or dancing. Some of them plays different instruments (guitar, piano, and drums for example) or singing. A lot of them (especially the boys) like to play computer- or tv- games or (especially girls) shopping. We also have some students who like photographing, and most of them are hanging out with their friends on weekends and afternoons. 

What do your students play at lunch time? 

I´m a teacher in grade 8-9, so my students are 15-16 years old. They don´t play very much when they have breaks. They usually sit and talk to their friends or listen to music. But the younger children play a lot. We have two big playgrounds with swings, climbing frame, jumping mats, basket- and floor ball ground and other activities. They also like to play football, hide and seek, play tag and skipping rope. 

What is Sweden like? 

Sweden is a very long and “thin” country, and it differs a lot if you live in the south part or in the north. In south, where we live, we have a much warmer climate than up in the north. Our city, Helsingborg, is situated by the sea and very close to Denmark. It only takes about 20 minutes to get to Denmark by ferry. Sweden is quite a safe country to live in, we don´t have a lot of crimes compared to other countries. Sweden is also one of the least religious countries in the world. The “state church” is the protestant church, but most Swedes aren´t very religious and “beliving”. We do have quite many immigrants who are muslims, so Islam is the second biggest religion in our country, after the Christian church. In Sweden you pay a lot of your income to taxes, about 30%. But you also get a lot for your taxes. For example, the school is free and so is the school lunch. Everyone can afford to go to the doctor, ´cause the taxes pays most of  the cost. So, Sweden is quite a good country to live in! 


 Sweden Fact File 



The currency of Sweden is the Swedish Krona. Sweden joined Europe on the first of January 1995. Stockholm is also the largest city in the country with a population of 1.3 in the urban area. Sweden is a Nordic Country of the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe. At 450,295 square kilometres (173,860 sq mi), Sweden is the third largest country in the European Union by area, with a total population of about 9.4 million. Sweden’s last war in which Sweden was directly involved was in 1814, when the Swedish by military means forced Norway into a personal union, which lasted until 1905,Sweden has been at peace since then. Regarding weather, Sweden receives 1,100 to 1,900 hours of sunshine annually.  


Sirli Väinsar

Sirli is a teacher in Tallinn 1st boarding school Estonia she is part of our Comenius group.  


Tell me about your School  

Our school was established in 1923 and in our current building we are since 1963. Our school is very big; there are 234 pupils in 32 classes. To teach the pupils we have 56 teachers. We are called boarding school as some children stay overnight from Monday till Friday. Our school has 3 different levels: a. Pupils who learn as per a bit easier curriculum compared to mainstream schools (I am a teacher of that level)  

b. Classes for children with a bit more severe special educational needs.       Nursing school  

What’s your favourite part of your job?  

To see the progress and be part of kids’ joys and sometimes problems too. I love teaching!  

Do your Students have any hobbies?  

During out of school hours our children are keen to do some sports (pentathlon, swimming, riding) and participating in drama and art and music studios. During summer our children can spend their holiday in old wooden manor house at Riguldi.  

What do your students play at lunch time?  

Our lunch break is only 20 minutes and during that time they manage only to eat at our canteen. Lunch break is like any other break, but 5 min longer.  

Do you have a Christmas play in your school?  

This year we are doing X’mas musical. It tells a story how people are preparing for X’mas – cleaning, decorating homes, cooking etc. The play is full of music.  

What is Estonia like?  

Estonia and Ireland are quite similar. We are as well very close to nature. Estonians are considered to be very serious, but I see around happy people who love to make jokes. Estonia is a small country, in Europe only Denmark, the Netherlands and Switzerland are smaller. Estonia is quite plain country – our highest peak is in southern part of the country and it is only 317m high. Estonia is rich in islands and lakes – 9% of total square is under islands and 5 % under lakes and rivers.  

Estonia Factfile


The Republic of Estonia is situated in north-central Europe, one of the Baltic states along the coast of the Baltic sea. Estonia borders the gulf of Finland in the north, Russia in the east, Latvia in the south, the Gulf of Riga in the south-west, and the Baltic sea in the west. Estonia also includes several hundred small islands off the coast. Although the country lies in a northerly position in Europe, it is quite mild because so much of it is bordered by the sea. Much of the interior landscape is lowland, and is characterised by many lakes that were left over from the ice age. Estonia is 50% forest. The capital of Estonia is Tallinn. Estonia is one of the most sparsely populated countries in Europe with a population of 1,332,893(July 2005). The currency is the Estonia kroon; they will join the Euro on January the 1st.  

Comenius Noticeboard

We have updated our Comenius noticeboard! We put up a description of Larry’s visit to France and some more information about the Comenius project.  



Mrs Murray’s class were impressed that so many people go surfing in St.Gilles and they decided to paint pictures of people surfing in France.  



Snow across Europe

Our Comenius partners in Tallinn, Estonia and Durham, England have sent us pictures of the snow fall in their countries. We took pictures of the snow at our school today. Estonia and England got a lot more snow than us! Thanks to Sirli Väinsar, Estonia and Les Keen, England for the photos.  

Snow in Durham  


Snow in Durham  

Snow in Tallinn  


Snow in Tallinn  


Snow in Clontuskert  




Les Keen Interview

Les Keen is a teacher at The Oaks School in County Durham England. Les is the co-ordinator of our STAGE project. Visit Les’s school at                                  


    Les Keen  


Les Keen’s Classroom

The Oak School  

1. How many pupils are in your school?
There are 240 students in our school each class having around 12 to 15 students.
2.What is the favourite part of your job?
At the moment the favourite part of my job is being involved in the Comenius project. It gives me the opportunity to visit different countries and meet and work with students and teachers from schools across Europe.
3.Tell us a bit about your school.
The Oaks Secondary School is just over six years old and we are very lucky to be equipped with excellent facilities. We have a sports hall and fitness gym, two playing fields, a hydrotherapy pool, two science classes and a technology room. We also have excellent ICT equipment where each class has three computers an interactive whiteboard and projector.  

4. Did you enjoy Sunderland beating Chelsea?
Yes, I enjoyed the victory over Chelsea very much which went a long way to helping the club and its supporters get over the terrible recent defeat by our local rivals Newcastle United.
5. Have you visited Ireland before? Did you like it?
I have never visited Ireland myself but lots of my family and friends have and say it is a beautiful country. They also say the people are really friendly and kind so I am really excited about the visit – see you all in March.
By Minime, Star and Bingbong  

England Fact File


Nearly 84% of the population of the UK lives in England.49, 561, 800 of 2002.The capital of England is London. The currency is pound. The 2012 Olympics is being held in Stratford which is in England. London is the largest city in Europe. There are 12, 000,000 people living in the greater part of London area. The world’s first public Zoo was built in London 1829.The English drink more tea per person than any other people in the world, over 20 times more than Americans. The schools that are involved in our group are in Durham and Gateshead in the north east of England. Morris dancing is a famous dance in the south of England. The English flag has the cross of St.George on it. By Star, Bingbong and Minime  


Mr. O’Riordan and Ms. Burke went to France on the17-11-10.They went to have a meeting about the logo for our Comenius group and about other activities in our project. They went to ecole Edmond Bocquier which is part of our STAGE project. Stage stands for Seven Towards A Greener Europe. Three logos from each school were chosen. Twiggy’s, Buzzer’s and Magnificent’s logos were chosen from our school. The winning logo was from England. Congratulations to the winner! There are around hundred and fifty pupils in Edmond Bocquier school. Larry met all the children in the school and loved it. Larry said the children were brilliant and the staff very friendly. There are 7 classrooms in the school and it is in a town called in St.Gilles-Croix-de-vie. Two teachers from their school are coming to our school in March. By Supra and Minime.  

Larry with the French School’s mascot Arthur  


The winning Logo  

Larry’s Interview.


1.What was France like and was it very warm?  

France was very nice, the people were very friendly and it was a bit warmer then Ireland.  

2.Were the children nice to you?  

The children were excellent and they asked interesting questions.  

3.Did you tell them about hurling and if so did they think it was complicated?  

I tried to, but it was hard to describe ,I promised to send them a video of hurling though.  

4.Were the teachers mean?  

NOT AT ALL! They were the nicest teachers ever.  

5.Was understanding their language difficult?  

As a leprechaun I can speak many languages plus the children were brilliant at English.  

6. Do they like Thierry Henry?  

I didn’t mention it because I was afraid they would say yes.  

Larry Returns

Dia dhaoibh a pháistí,  

Tá mé go maith agus tá mé ag baint taitneamh as mo t-am anseo.  

Today we voted on the logos, everyone was very impressed by your artwork. It was a very close vote and a logo by the school from Durham won. I have sent you a picture of the logo. Well done to Magnificent, Buzzer and Triggy – you all did really well.  

Tomorrow I will give the letters Mr O’ Riordan’s class wrote to the children in one of the classes in the school.  

1. Do you have a school mascot like Larry?  

The school does not have a mascot but can you remember the mascot I brought back from France last year? That is the mascot of St.Gilles..lets see who can remember!  

2. How often do you get to surf in school?  

They don’t surfing from school but they have no school on Wednesday so they go surfing then and at the weekend  

3. Would you be able to teach us how to surf?  

I’m sure they could teach you but I don’t think we can bring them surfing on the river suck  

4. What do you know about Ireland?  

They know a lot about Ireland and in December they will send us information about their country.  

5. How old is your school building?  

Their school was built in 1952 and has been renovated recently  

Tóg mé griangraf don scoil agus na leannaí. The pictures show a hallway in the school, some of the children’s project work and two of the classrooms.  


Thank you Larry for your great news updates! We spoke about your trip to France in Assembly today! It is so exciting to hear from you and see photos of the school in France. The children in St. Gilles look very happy.  

Congratulations to the student in Durham in England who won the LOGO competition. It is an excellent LOGO.  

Don’t worry Larry, we remember the mascot from St. Gilles-it was a fish, wasn’t it?  

Today in class we are working on stories about ‘Larry’s Adventure in Clontuskert Abbey’. When we have finished we hope to make a Photo Story Book from the stories we have made up! We are reading them out in class today. When we are finished we will put them up on the blog for all of our friends across Europe to read!  

Safe travelling home to Ireland on Sunday! We can’t wait to see you, Ms. Burke and Mr. O Riordan on Monday. We hope that you are looking after Mr. O Riordan and Ms. Burke Larry!  

Slán go fóill!  

Juniors, Seniors, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class from Clontuskert NS!  

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C’ est Larry ici. Je suis ici en St. Gilles avec les professeurs Francaises. Il est un trés jolie ville et les étudiants disent “ça- va”  

Hello Children,  

How are you? Larry here in St. Giles with teqchers from all over Europe. In the picture you can see me with Miss Burke and Cedric. Cedric hqs the present I gave his school. In the other pic I am with Les from England and teachers from Sweden. Today we visited the classrooms. Have you any questions you would like to ask the students here? Also, can you find St. Gilles on the map?  

See you again soon,  

Au revior, a bientot

Dia dhaoibh Larry, Iníon de Burke, an t-Usal O Ríordán agus na múinteorí go léir i St. Gilles,  

We are all so excited to see you today online! We are all missing you here in Clontuskert. We hope that you are having a lovely time in France.  

Questions for the students of St. Gilles:  

1. Do you have a school mascot like Larry?  

2. How often do you get to surf in school?  

3. Would you be able to teach us how to surf?  

4. What do you know about Ireland?  

5. How old is your school building? Ours was built in 1956. It was made bigger in 1999. We have three classrooms and two resource rooms and a big indoor hall. We love our school!  

We are going to look up St. Gilles on Google maps now!  

We look forward to hearing from you all again!  

From all the students in Clontuskert  


Spain Fact file

Spain is one of the countries in our STAGE project. Spain is a lovely country. The school we are working with is near Valencia. The Spanish time zone is one hour ahead of Ireland. Spain has a famous dance called the Flamingo.  Spain is the current world football champions. You drive on the right side of the road in Spain. The colours of the Spanish Flag are yellow and red with a coat of arms. Spain is a member state of the European Union located in South Western Europe. Madrid is the capital of Spain. There are over 500 million Spanish speakers today making it the world’s second most spoken first language.  



Verónica is the English teacher at CRA La Serrania in Spain. She will be visiting our school in March  

What is the name of your school and where is it?  

Our school is named: CRA La Serrania. CRA means a group of some little Rural Schools. We are in four towns called: Chulilla, Calles, Losa del Obispo and Sot de Chera.  

How many pupils are in your school?  

We have 94 pupils in the school from 3 to 12 years old.  

What time do the pupils come in and what time do they leave?  

They come in at 9:30 and they leave the school at 17:00.  

Do the students have to wear a uniform?   

No, we don´t need to wear a uniform in our School.  

What sport do the pupils play?  

They play: football, basketball, handball, indiacas (it´s a ball that has a lot of feathers hung on it and you have to throw it to someone), ride a bike, body expression, and cooperative and traditional games.  

Are you looking forward to coming to Ireland?  

I´m really excited only thinking that I’m going to know for the first time your beautiful country. I want to know: all of you, your school, and your teachers, the things you do and places in Ireland.  

Thank you for this interview and kisses and love from Spain.  


Here are the schools where Veronica teaches:  





We had a Logo competition for Comenius (STAGE). We all drew a Logo’s. The winners are Magnificent, Triggy and Buzzer. These three Logo’s will be sent to France. There will be three designs chosen from each school. All the winning entries will be brought to France. Only one will be chosen to represent the whole project. Well done everyone and best of luck.  

Cedric Arnoux Interview




Cedric Arnoux is the principal of Ecole élémentaire Edmond Bocquier in St. Gilles Croix de Vie in France and he is part of the Comenius group. Some teachers from Clontuskert will visit his school in November. Check out his school at   

1. How many pupils are in your school?  

We have 153 pupils in my school from 6 to 11 years old.  

2. What time do the pupils come in and what time do they leave?  

School begin at 9:00AM and finish at 16:30 PM  

3. Do the students have to wear a uniform?   

No in France, pupils don’t have to wear a uniform  

4. What sport do the pupils play?  

At school, they play rugby, athletic sports (running, jumping…), swimming, kayak, optimist (this is a little sailboat), gym, team games, basket, handball, roller, and tennis, ultimate….  And In St Gilles they can surf too!!! And play every sport: football, judo, climbing, badminton, fencing…  

By Minime  

Larry says Hello!

Dia dhiabh a pháistí,Dia dhiabh!  

Is mise Larry the legend leprechaun. Tá mé anseo i Durham le Mr. O’ Riordan agus tá a lán nuacht agam!  

I arrived today in the city of Durham which is near Newcastle and I have met teachers from other countries. They are all eager to learn about St.Augustine’s and Clontuskert. I have been telling them about all the interesting things we do. This evening I am going to show them some pictures of Clontuskert.  

Inniu chonaicme an ‘Angel of the North’. This is a large and famous sculpture near Newcastle perhaps you can look it up? I also saw Durham Cathedral which was built in 1100’s  

Slán go foill, beidh mé arais  


Durham Cathedral

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2 Responses to “Larry says Hello!”

  1. Hello to Larry The Legend Leprechaun and Mr. O’Riordan!We were all very happy to hear from you, and really liked seeing Larry all the way from Durham!
    We looked up the ‘Angel of the North’ sculpture and thought it was cool!

Tá súil againn go mbeidh tú (agus Mr. O’Riordan!) ar áis go luath,
Slán go fóill,  

From everyone in Juniors, Seniors and First Class!!  

The children from Clontuskert N.S said this on November 12, 2009 at 1:36 pm  

  • Hello Larry the Legend and Mr. O Riordan,Great to hear from you both! How is England? We are having a great time here in Clontuskert but we miss you both!!Yesterday we did LEGO in class. Bing Bong built a moving robot with gears. It was a model train. Bing Bong was in the NNSM group!We were disappointed that the Cross Country was cancelled. It will be on next Wednesday instead.We found out information on the Angel on the North for you!! We saw some photos of it on the net. You can see them on this site: Angel of the North was built in 1998 and it is 22 metres in height. It weighs 200 tonne. It was designed by Anthony Gormley from England. The wings are not flat but are angled at 3.5 degrees.It can stand winds of over 100mph. it had to transported by three articulated trucks.Did you take any photos of Larry in front of the Angel of the North?How’s the weather in Durham?What countries have you met so far?We can’t wait to hear from you again!!From everyone in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th!!Tá Larry ar ais!

    Dia dhiabh a pháistí,Dia dhiabh!  

    Larry anseo! An bhfuil nuacht agat? An bhfuil ag déanamh a lán obair?  

    Last night I showed people from different countries pictures of our school and of the parish. They thought Clontuskert was very beautiful and that we had a great school. They were really impressed with your singing of Óró sé rap and your school news letter. People in France, Sweden, Estonia and many more are going to show your paper to their children  

    Today we got into groups to do projects together. The picture below shows our group – there are schools from Spain, France, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden and two from England. That’s me at the front of the group!  

    Slán libh go fóil  

    Beidh mé arais  


    Comenius group  

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    One Response to “Tá Larry ar ais!”

    1. Thanks Larry and Mr. O Riordan for your news!!
      Táimíd go léir ar fheabhas anseo!!

    We are all looking forward to your return with Mr. O Riordan Larry!  

    We are very excited to see all the different teachers from so many countries! It is so exciting!!  

    From us all!
    See you soon and safe flight!  

    Larry ar ais arís!  

    Dia Dhiabh a pháistí,Dia dhiabh!  

    Conás atá sibh inniu? An bhfuil sibh réidh don cluiche peil mór idir Eire agus an Fhraic? Cad a beidh an scór ceap sibh?  

    Unfortunately I only passed the Angel of the North on the bus so I did not get a picture of it. I have not met Jedward but Bing Bong you will be happy to know I have a nice bed!  

    I have met teachers from all over Europe, besides the group I am working with there are teachers from Holland, Macedonia, Finland, Germany, Belgium and Cyprus.  

    The weather is cold but dry. Great work on the ‘Angel of the North’!  

    I want to introduce you to a teacher from France, his name is Cedric Arnoux. He comes from Saint-Gilles-Croix-De-Vie which is near Nantes. His school have a website it  

    He says hello and that he is a teacher working with Mr. O’ Riordan. He and his students hope to meet us soon  

    Cedric with Larry  


    Je suis un enseignant francais et ami de Joe. J espere vous rencontrer bientot et mes eleves aussi  

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