STAGE School Visits

Comenius School Partnerships enable Irish schools to create partnerships with other European schools to work on projects which are pedagogically relevant and encourage intercultural exchange. These projects must involve some form of travel for the pupils and teachers involved, and take place over a period of two years.

There are two types of Comenius School Partnerships:
•Bilateral – where two schools work together
•Multilateral – where three or more schools work together

Partnerships help students and teachers to acquire and improve skills not only in the subject area on which the project is focussed, but also in teamwork, social relations, planning and undertaking project activities and using information and communication technologies (ICT).

Working with schools from different countries also gives pupils and teachers the opportunity to practice foreign languages and increases their motivation towards language learning.

Larry our mascot visits each country to help us learn all about our partners, their school and their countries. Read about his adventures here:

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