Julia Kelly Interview

>Julia Kelly Interview

Julia Kelly is a teacher at Dryden School in Newcastle. She will be visiting our school in March.

How many students are in the school? There are 51 students in my school their ages are 13 – 19 years. What sports do you have in the school? Sport is extremly important in our schoolHere are the sports that we play: The students in key stgae 3 go swimming once a week at the local pool. We have a special pool in our school called the Hydro pool. The water is kept at a certain temperature and it is very important for students who need to build strength in ther legs, also to relax thier muscles.We play a game called Boccia. Students in key stage four have karate once a week.We play table top cricket; which is great fun We lhave athletics, table tennis, rugby, trampoline Did you always want to be a teacher you were small? Since the age of 3 I have always wnated to be a teacher. I love children and teaching is very important to me My Dad was a Head teacher in a primary school. My Mam is a retired Primary tecaher and my sister is Head of scinece in a secondary school (even though she said she would never be a teacher). So i have come being in a teaching environment. I have taught in Primary schools. I was a supply teacher for a while and now I work In a Special Needs Secondary school. I have links with a school in Uganda and have been out to teach in the school during my holidays which is very different – no computers, very few books and paper.

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