Aviators of the Future Connacht Tribune 12-11-2012

Aviators of the Future Connacht Tribune 12-11-2012

We took part in www.feb29.net

We have posted on this special blog- a once in a lifetime chance- here is the link to our post.

These are the posts that we put up on Feb29th.net. We all wrote one about our lives here in Clontuskert. Let us know what you think!


(Please note we use nicknames in school as part of our Internet Acceptable Use Policy.)

Today is a great day here in Clontuskert and we’re all excited about it.
The 29th February is going to be a great day. Here in Clontuskert we are so busy with our own blog and all our projects, here are some of the projects we are doing : Peace Proms, Eircom Junior Spiders awards, Jr FLL, FLL, Keep on Track and Greenwave. So as you can see are very busy.
I also love Clontuskert. It’s great and I’m so excited about this blog. I really love art and I really enjoy it and I also always have good fun with my sister. Here are some of my pastimes: kayaking and playing music. My little sister is a bit mad but she’s great fun and so are my parents and all my friends. I also love hanging out with my friends from school and all my cousins and we always have a great time.
By Star

Hello!!! I am from Clontuskert National School in Ireland. We are a small school in the countryside. There are only 40 pupils in our school. There are 2 classrooms.
We are involved in many projects but my favourite is the First Lego League. This is a project about technology and food. Our project is about meat, meat production and preservation. We were looking at meat and we found out about nitrates. Nitrates are preservatives injected into meat to help it to stay fresh. But the problem comes when you cook the meat. The nitrates turn into nitrosium which can be harmful to you. We tried ringing shops to ask them to promote fruit and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables have polyphenols in them fight against illness.
But there is another side to it : technology. We had to build a robot and program the robot to do tasks. We had to go to Dublin for the Crest Science Awards after the FLL competition and we had explained our project to the judges. With the robot we had to do as many tasks as we could in three minutes. We came 21st, but we were one of only 4 primary schools in the competition. We hope to do more projects in the future. To see our other projects read our blog at www.clontuskert.scoilnet.ie. By MiniMe

Hi there! Are you enjoying February 29th? Because we are! We are students of St. Augustine’s N.S in Ireland.
Our school is in a very nice parish called Clontuskert. Clontuskert is a very historic parish, so historic that it urged a group of local people from the parish to come together and write a book on Clontuskert’s history. It’s called The parish of Clontuskert – Glimpse into its past.
Our school is very interested in Clontuskert’s history as well. We were so interested that we decided to do a project on ringforts in Clontuskert. There are 204 ringforts in Clontuskert. We are going to make a film on one of the nearest ringforts.
We are also reading books to do with ringforts. 3rd and 4th are reading Nuala and her Secret Wolf and 5th and 6th are reading The Druid’s tune.
My name is Buttercup. My interests are camogie, reading, playing music and singing. Our school has a blog too. Just go to www.clontuskert.scoilnet.ie.
I hope you will visit and like our blog. Have a nice 29th of February!
BY Buttercup.

OH, what a day there will be in Clontuskert N.S. on Feb.29th! I’m Bobbles and I am a 6th Class student in St. Augustine’s N.S. Clontuskert.
All the students are very excited about the “Feb.29th” Project. I would like to say this on behalf of all the students and members of staff in Clontuskert. Our school does many projects about many different topics, from “Keep On Track”, a Train Project, to the FIRST LEGO League with a “Me” of food factor. We also do many activities in the classroom, such as reading novels that are linked to one of our projects, for example; we are planning to make a Ringforts film to show people that we learned about Ringforts. We chose Ringforts because our parish has 204 Ringforts! The link to it was a novel called “The Druids Tune”, which is set in the time of the Ringforts. Everyone enjoyed the book and it is encouraging the pupils to read it and I myself loved reading the novel.
With all of our projects and activities are encouraging people to read or take interest in : art, music, drama and science. The school is great for giving the pupils a bright idea of their future.
To find out more visit: www.clontuskert.schoolnet.ie
By Bobbles.

Hey what are you doing today? Its the 29th of February of course!
Hello I’m a student from St. Augustine N.S in Clontuskert. I am here to tell you about our school and as you see, we have a blog. If we go somewhere we will put it on the blog with some pictures.
This year the 6th class went to represent the school at the “First Lego League”, in January and it was a good day too.
We also like to do a lot of sports like volleyball, hurling, soccer and others too.
To see more go on to our blog; www.clontuskert.schoolnet.ie.
By Daisy

Hi! I go to school in St. Augustine’s NS which is just outside Ballinasloe in Galway. There are 40 students in our school.
We do a lot of Lego projects and this year we entered in the First Lego League, which is all about food. You have to build a robot and program it to do different tasks. We finished 21st.
We also live very close to an abbey. It was built around 1180. We have an heritage group and a book on its history, it’s called The Parish of Clontuskert – Glimpses into its past. Our weather is nearly always wet. We play hurling, football, Gaelic, tag-rugby and we swim. Our school jersey is yellow with green stripes.
I live right beside the school. I go across a stile to school. My favourite subject is Science. My favourite sport is horse-riding. I really looking forward to our “WORLD’S BIGGEST BLOGGING PROJECT”. I hope loads of people will go online and look at our blog : www.clontuskert.scoilnet.ie
By Eggburt

Hi my name is Buzzer and I’m buzzing with excitement because it’s February 29th which is “World’s Biggest Blogging Project Day”.
Anyway back to reality. I am 12 years old and like any 12 year old boy I love sport especially playing soccer. I always play soccer when I get a chance to. I support Chelsea FC and my favourite player is Ramirez. I also love listening to music especially rap. My favourite rappers are Rizzle Kicks, Tinie Tempah, B.O.B, Jay-Z and Professor Green.

I go to Clontuskert NS which is a great school. The school does so many amazing projects. Last year we did a project which was called “Keep On Track”, where we learned how old steamed trains would work and how new trains work. Our school does a lot of LEGO projects. Last year was our first year to enter the First Lego League. We also entered it this year and it was great fun. We also had to have a project for FLL and we decided we would do a project about Nitrates. The name of our project was “What’s the beef with your meat?” Our school also have a blog which is : www.clontuskert.scoilnet.ie

On our blog you will find out everything that is going on in our school such as all the school projects, activities, sport and much more. I think Clontuskert is the best school you could possibly go to.
By Buzzer

It’s Big, It’s the Best, and it’s brilliant.
Hey everyone I go to St. Augustine’s N.S in Clontuskert. It is a 40 student school but the best school. We do lots of different projects.
There is lots of history about the school but I can’t fit it all into this piece but you can find out more in the parish book “The Parish of Clontuskert- glimpses into the past” or go to or schools blog www.clontuskert.scoilnet.ie.
There were two Lego projects we did. The 1st and 2nd classes did it and the rest are helping 6th class on the FLL (First Lego League).
After Easter we are starting a movie on Ringforts. There are 204 Ringforts in Clontuskert. We are building a hut. We already have made a movie which was called “Larry’s Adventure”. You can also see it on our blog, its good but were hoping our acting skills will have improved well. That’s nearly everything about our school but if you want to find out more you no what to do. Thank you,
Bye 😀

I am going to talk about our school.
Our school has a blog.
We have all our news from the school up on the blog. We do different projects. They are cool projects. In our school we get to play volleyball. It is a great sport.
I am in 3rd class. There are 6 people in third class. In my classroom there are 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th class. We do lots of fun stuff. 1st class up to 6th class go swimming every Tuesday. It is very good fun.
By Little Star

Hi my name is Primrose and I’m in sixth class in St. Augustine’s N.S. Two years ago we got a new teacher called Mrs Murray. She is a Tipperary woman, but I’m a Galway girl.
Last year sixth class had a man teacher called Mr O’ Riordan who is from Tipperary as well but unfortunately he had to go to a different school up the road from our school. We have 42 students in our school and two teachers and three resource teachers. There are two classrooms. The two main teachers’ names are Mrs Murray and Mrs Scott. Mrs Murray’s classes are 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th class. Mrs Scott’s classes are juniors, seniors, first and second class. Our resource teachers’ names are Ms. Baynes, Mrs Hardiman and Mrs Burke and our school has a blog called www.clontuskert.scoilnet.ie You can get more information about our school in the website.

Hi, I go to St. Augustine N.S.
My teacher is Mrs Murray. She is the best in the West.
My favourite teacher is Mrs Murray.
Now it is my turn to talk about myself.
I have best friends called Little Star and Daisy flower.
My favourite sport is tennis.
I like my school.
My friends are cool and so is my teacher.
I go to Ms. Baynes for maths.
I go for spellings with Ms. Baynes.
By Rose

Hi my name is Indi; I go to St. Augustine’s N.S Clontuskert.
I go to the boxing club in Ballinasloe. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister I have twin brothers that are 9 months old and my other brother is 12. My sister is 9 but she will be 10 soon. My brother goes to the boxing club too and so does my sister. I have a cool Mum and Dad. They give me everything I need. Clontuskert is a cool school. I love it when we go swimming in school. We do volleyball, all of the girls and the boys do it. Mrs Burke brings us to matches and we get a lift with Mary. Mrs Murray is my teacher. She is cool and she helps me a lot.
I go to school at St. Augustine’s N.S in Clontuskert. It is a class school. I love it when we get to go swimming every Tuesday. We get to do LEGO also. We have two breaks and before we go outside to play, we get ten minutes to eat our lunch. We get to do good things and the 6th class are doing a project about meat and ham. We read a book called, “The Druids Tune”

Clontuskert National School is based in the country side outside Ballinasloe with 40 students.
There are 6 teachers in the school and a secretary. My teacher’s name is Mrs. Murray, the principal. There are 2 halves built, in our school, the old and the new one. The old one was built in 1956. The new half was built in 1999. Our school has seven different rooms including the hall. The two main ones are the junior room which has junior infants to second class and the senior room which has third class to sixth class. We also have a maths room and two resource rooms. We do many science projects (which explains our 4 primary science schools awards) and we also won 2 heritage awards. One of the other amazing things about Clontuskert is the Ringforts. There are over 200 Ringforts in the parish and we are starting another project about them soon. There is also a church in the parish: Fr. Finneran is our parish priest. Clontuskert NS is also known for Spikeball, winning an All Ireland in 2010 and for the 4th time in a row this year we won the county final.
In Crossconnell there is an old school which opened in 1886 and closed in 1956. By the way Crossconnell is an old road. There is also a pitch in Clontuskert which is at the side of the church. That’s only some of the facts about our great parish.
By Lightning Star

Clontuskert: Clontuskert is a small parish near Ballinasloe in Co. Galway, Ireland. Clontuskert is a very special place. On its own Clontuskert has 204 Ringforts. Ringforts were built in early Christian times. They were big mounds of clay with little huts on them.
The Grand Canal: The Grand Canal comes through Clontuskert. It opened in 1828. It took eleven years to complete. People transported Guinness on barges from Dublin to Ballinasloe harbour. The Canal ran along in beside the Suckriver in Lismany.
Clontuskert National School: The first school in Clontuskert was built in 1837. It lasted one hundred and twenty one years until it was time to build a new school. The new school was opened in 1958. Today there are forty students in the school.
Clontuskert is a very special place.
By Red Baron.

Hi there, my name is Mario and I’m from Clontuskert N.S. which is in Ireland. My school is a forty pupil school. In my school we all like different things. I like hurling horse riding and soccer. I like watching TV, especially Pop Girl. The programmes are Sleep Over Club, Evens Stevens, Saddle Club, Mary Kate and Ashley and Blue Water High.
My Dad’s a farmer and my Mom a postwoman. I always go farming with Dad and I help him milk the cows and calve them. I can’t go posting with my Mom because it is against the law.
By Mario.

I go to school in St Augustine’s NS, Clontuskert. I live in Esker Hills, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway. I have two twin brothers named Tom and Johm. They are 9 months old.
My friends’ names are Rose, Little Star, Daisy flower, Angel, Mario and Rex. I have three brothers and one sister. I go to the Boxing Club in Ballinasloe. Clontuskert is the best school in the East, West, North and South- I mean the best school in the world.
By Montana.

Hi my name is Reddevil. I’m from Clontuskert N.S in Ireland. I’m here to tell you about our school and the great projects we do. This year we were involved in the FIRST LEGO LEAGUE (FLL) the JUNIOR FIRST LEGO LEAGUE (JFLL), the Greenwave project and the Keep on Track project; just some of the projects we have done.
In our school there are only 40 students. Our school is in the countryside.
My favourite TV programme is Zyke and Luther my favourite subject in school is History.
By Reddevil.

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  1. Antoine says:

    Hi Larry from Holy Spirit BNS Ballymun,Here is another shcool to add to your long list of shcools around the world. We are hoping to start talking to children in a shcool in Colombia next week. We will tell them to look at your site too.

  2. kmurray3190 says:

    Thanks Antoine! Good to hear from our friends in Ballymun! Check out this video with Mr. O’ Connell from last year’s Keep on Track Project! http://www.keepontrack.scoilnet.ie
    Hope you are all well in the Holy Spirit BNS!
    Let us know how ye get on with the students in Colombia! Sounds amazing!

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