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Science Experiments

We were very busy today conducting science experiments in class. Here you can see us working and cooperating in groups to do each experiment. Afterwards we gave feedback to the classes of how we did the experiments and their results. 

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Discover Primary Science and Maths Excellence Award

Today we are sending off our Discover Primary Science Log to see if we can get our tenth Discover Primary Science and Mathematics Excellence Award. Ms. Síofra Hogan started the Awards in Clontuskert in 2007 and Mr. Joe O’ Riordan … Continue reading

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In the Garden with Kay Synott

Today we all worked in groups with Kay Synott in the garden. The school yard had been prepared over the Easter with thanks to the Lyons family, Joe Campbell, Pat Curley, John Salmons and Brendan Kelly. 
We got to work planting … Continue reading

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Summer 2016

Here are some fun games to play during the summer. Our holidays start on Thursday 30th of June at 12.30pm and we return to school on Thursday 1st of September 2016 at 9.00am. Happy holidays!
Download our calendar for 2016/2017 here. … Continue reading

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Galway Science Week with Tom Cuffe

Today Tom Cuffe has inspired us to explore origami in the worlds of Science and Maths.

Here we can see the use of origami in space.

Check these out for inspiration.

A mountain fold:

A valley fold

Locking the paper

Tom told us that as paper … Continue reading

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Back to the Future Day

Today is the day Marty McFly travels Back to the Future with Doc Brown. Check out the ‘future’ imagined in 1985.

The White House is holding a special ‘Back to the Future’ Day. Find out more here:
Check out some … Continue reading

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Little Bits

Today at breaktime Apple was working with Little Bits. Check out the circuit he made. There are two switches on it and two LED lights.

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The International Flag of Planet Earth

Check out “Construction of The International Flag of Planet Earth” by Beckmans College of Design on Vimeo.

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Experimenting with our centre of gravity

Today we were experimenting with our centre of gravity. Our centre of gravity is what keeps us balanced. If you cross your centre of gravity you lose balance or fall over.
For our first experiment we stood against a wall with … Continue reading

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Solar Eclipse

There will be a solar eclipse on Friday. Find out more about it here;

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