Visit from Darren Frehill- RTE Sport

Today Darren Frehill came to Clontuskert to talk about his job. Darren is originally from Laurencetown. He brought his son with him and we were delighted to meet both of them. We asked him questions like; was commentating his first job? What stations and programmes on TV and radio was he working for at the moment? How many countries has he been to commentating?

His favourite sport is hurling. His first job was commentating. Darren started out when his teacher from Garbally helped him to get a part time job commentating at the weekends. It was with Galway Bay FM and he has been doing his job since 1995. He told us that he doesn’t really like to be stuck in the office, he likes to be out and about at matches.

His first interview was with Ronnie O’Sullivan. On his first day he was very nervous and his hands were shaky. Most of the sports players are really nice. He used to be very nervous before going on air but told us that the more you practise the easier it gets. Darren has to research loads before going to another country. He has used a teleprompt for many broadcasts. It is sometimes hard to understand people from other countries and they don’t always understand Darren, as of course he has an Irish accent.

It was -16 degrees in South Korea when he was out there at the Winter Olympics. He has visited at least 14 different countries as part of his job.

Before a match it can take three hours to set up. He has met loads of famous people like Conor McGregor, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Darren told us a story about how he was once late for a match because of road works and when the National Anthem was playing, he had to run across the pitch and try and commentate, out of breath. He now leaves even more time to get to his destination!

The hardest part of his job is being away from his family. He said that if you work hard and are passionate about a job and if you really want to do it then you can! Inspiring words!

*Thanks to Darren for permission to use his photographs*

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  1. catherine lyons says:

    Well done to Clontuskert in the Tag rugby today.Congrats on your Aviva win.

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