Visit from Fursey Whyte

Today Fursey Whyte, a parent in Clontuskert, came to talk to us about his job and what he does. He told us that in 1945 Whyte’s concrete was founded by Fursey White (Senior) his dad. Now Fursey Whyte has taken over. LTD stands for limited and that means company. In 1988 they brought the Galway team and the Liam McCarthy in their truck to Galway.
We asked questions like. “Is your job dangerous? ” and “Do you need special training?” Fursey said, “Yes, like nearly all jobs it is dangerous and you do need special training when you are working with machinery.” He said the longest journey he went on for work was to Dublin. It is expensive to run the company and Fursey works very hard. He starts work sometimes at 5 am and finishes and 12 pm. Blocks are made from cement and sand. He told us that he has 60 machines and 7 people work there.

Thanks so much to Fursey for visiting us as part of Health Promoting Schools. We learnt so much from you.

Furesy also brought presents for the teachers and students. The teachers are delighted with the mugs from Ecocem Next Generation Cement and the students will be able to use their new pens from Quinn Building Products with their Surfaces.

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