Skypeathon- Travelling virtually to Kenya

At 11.30am today we Skyped Abdi Ismaeil in Kenya. He is Principal of his school. He is in a new school that opened two years ago. Abdi’s school is located in Maralal in Sambaru County. They are 11,372 km from Clontuskert.

In Kenya they speak two different languages, Swahili and English. Welcome in their main language of Swahili is Kareibu
His school is a secondary school for students between the ages of 13 and 17.
He has 65 students in his school 30 boys and 35 girls. They were also involved in the Climate Action Project.
They were able to build walls out of bottles as a project to reuse plastic and it was cheaper and he said you could even live in a house out of bottles.
His students were on their long holiday for two months.
They don’t have summer or winter in their country because they are in the tropics and always have sun but they do have a rainy season. Animals migrate during the rainy season.
Malaria and typhoid are common diseases in Kenya.
Find out about Abdi’s school here:

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