Visit from Caitríona Murphy

Today parent Caitríona Murphy visited to tell us about her work with Cisco. She is a UX Designer.
UX designers makes useful apps. The company she works for is called Cisco and is based in Oranmore. Cisco is an American company and there are Ciscos all over the world. It was originally from san Francisco and the logo is the Golden Gate Bridge. They have a strict rule to make all their icons look like they are from the same company. Her first job when she left college was working for an animation company and they animated the short ‘Give Up Your ‘Aul Sins’. This was nominated for an Oscar. Caitríona works with software. She designs the colour of buttons on apps. Cisco make social media apps. They make icons that they want you to click and really pop with hearts some times. Every day Caitríona sketches or animates on a sketch pad. It was really inspiring to hear from Caitríona today and maybe in the future some of our students will be designers too!
Thanks to Ms. Egan for organising today’s event as part of Health Promoting Schools.

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