Visit from Fr. Anthony Kelly

Fr. Anthony Kelly visited us in Clontuskert today. It was Fr. Anthony’s ruby (40th) anniversary of ordination, two weeks ago.

Fr. Anthony spoke to us about his life on the missions. 

 • He went to Ghana 40 years ago. 

 • It was very hot. 

 • There was no electricity.   

 • Twi is the language they spoke.

 • He went to Zambia in 2000.

 • He was in Zambia for 15 years.

 • They speak chebmba. 

 • He is now in Kenya now and they speak Swahili.

 • They make their houses out of clay.

 • He has been a priest for 40 years.

 • Fr. Anthony told us that there are thirty three young people that want to be priests in Ireland at the moment and three were ordained this week. 

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