Project Kakhuma Clothing Collection

The Kakhuma Project is a group of more than 100 teachers in 40 countries offering a free education to children in the camp via Skype. The project was set up by Koen Timmers from Belgium, who is a Microsoft Expert Educator Fellow, like Mrs. Murray and was one of the Top 50 teachers of the Global Teacher Prize this year.
Mrs. Murray and Ms. Scott will be involved in Project Kakhuma from next September.  The Camp houses over 200,000 refugees who fled war and hunger in Somalia, Burundi Sudan and DR Congo.  55% of the refugees are children.

In Kakhuma teachers can have between 150 to 200 students each with only one textbook between ten students. Today Clontuskert school and parish collected clothes with Cash for Clobber for the project and we are delighted to announce that €250 was raised in total. Thanks to everyone who donated.

The money raised will be used to buy textbooks and laptops for use in the camp school.

Find out more about Project Kakhuma here.

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