Visit from Galway Captain David Burke

Today David Burke came to our school. He came into our classroom to talk to us about what he does. As well as playing for the Galway Hurling team he is a teacher in St. Brigid’s College Loughrea as a woodwork and technical graphics teacher.  He is in the classroom beside Johnny Coen (who plays in midfield with him) so they know each other very well. He has three All-Stars, two League medals and one Leinster medal, hopefully soon to be two! He was giving us advice on how to be a good player. David plays his club hurling for St. Thomas’.
He told us that he sometimes found it hard to keep cool but he learned to become a good sport and keep a cool head. He also said if you encourage your teammates, they’re more like to play better and if you shout they might feel like you don’t think they are playing well and that might tear them down. He also looks after himself by eating healthily and told us that it is important to eat our vegetables as part of a balanced diet. He said that he thought our healthy lunches as part of Health Promoting Schools, was a great idea. David said it is important to keep your friends in school as he is still friends with people who have now moved to different countries! He went to Kilchreest primary school and is still friends with his classmates. We asked him loads of questions and he gave us a training session and autographed our gear.

Thanks David for a wonderful day, one that we will remember forever!

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