First Holy Communion 

Congratulations to 2nd Class and their teacher Ms. Egan as they made their First Holy Communion today in St. Augustine’s Parish Church in Clontuskert. 

Thanks to Ms. Scott and the school choir who played and sang so beautifully and to Fr. Finneran who made the mass very special. We hope all our First Holy Communicants enjoy the wonderful weather today with their families. 

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  1. Ruth McDonald Cosby says:

    I found your blog online. I live in Texas, U.S.A. My great grandparents lived in Clontuskert Parish in 1800s. (John Burke, grandfather built pews for St. Augustine Church). James McDonnell and Mary Burke, daughter of John resided in Kellysgrove. My grandfather and all brothers but one emigrated to the U.S. My grandfather left 1911.
    I read somewhere that there may records used in compiling Clontuskert History residing at the school there. I will be visiting Ireland June 12, 2017. Is this true? Any chance I could come and look at these? Could you put me in touch with the proper person to approach about this? Thank you so much, Ruth

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