Presenting our work in OneNote

Today Microsoft visited us in Clontuskert to film us presenting about our work in OneNote. We shared our work in Classroom Notebook, Staff Notebook and how we use Learning Tools. We were filmed in groups working on a collaborative feasts and festivals lesson. We each worked in groups to research, collate and present in video form a feast or festival from India, Israel, Kenya and America.

We then explained how OneNote makes classroom life easier by streamlining how we work both individually in our own Student Section, collaboratively in the Collaboration section and with our teachers in the Content Library.

We showcased Immersive Reader, Skype Collaborations and especially project work like the Climate Action Project.
We also spoke about using Creative Commons in research and writing our own Christmas play.

We look forward to seeing the pieces that were filmed today in the New Year.

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Skype Christmas Card Exchange

Today we took part in the Skype Christmas Card Exchange with Northwood Elementary School in Northwood in Hilton, New York. Their teacher Ms. Sica and Mrs. Murray organised the call as part of the Skype Christmas Card Exchange through the Microsoft Educator Network.

Check out their website here:

We are designing Christmas cards to send them and they are sending theirs to us. We told each other about Christmas traditions in each of our countries.

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Skypeathon- travelling virtually to Portugal

This morning we connected with Portugal as part of Skypeathon 2017. Manuela Valentim and her students shared their work on the Global Sustainability Goals and we all worked on a Kahoot they had made for #ClimateActionP The students in Clontuskert presented their work on the Climate Action Project.

Manuela’s School is based in Olhão in Portugal and is 3126 km away from Clontuskert. Thanks to Manuela and her students for joining us!
During #Skypeathon this year we have travelled 18,449 km!

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Skypeathon- Travelling virtually to Kenya

At 11.30am today we Skyped Abdi Ismaeil in Kenya. He is Principal of his school. He is in a new school that opened two years ago. Abdi’s school is located in Maralal in Sambaru County. They are 11,372 km from Clontuskert.

In Kenya they speak two different languages, Swahili and English. Welcome in their main language of Swahili is Kareibu
His school is a secondary school for students between the ages of 13 and 17.
He has 65 students in his school 30 boys and 35 girls. They were also involved in the Climate Action Project.
They were able to build walls out of bottles as a project to reuse plastic and it was cheaper and he said you could even live in a house out of bottles.
His students were on their long holiday for two months.
They don’t have summer or winter in their country because they are in the tropics and always have sun but they do have a rainy season. Animals migrate during the rainy season.
Malaria and typhoid are common diseases in Kenya.
Find out about Abdi’s school here:

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Skypeathon- Travelling virtually to Turkey

Today we took part in our first Skypeathon call to Turkey. It was a Mystery Skype so we had to work out where our partner school was located across the world. Some of the questions we asked and answers we gave can be seen here:
1. Are you in the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern Hemisphere?
2. Are you near the equator?
3. Do you have a tropical climate?
4. Do you have a temperate climate?
5. What line of latitude are you on? 53 degrees (Longitude -8 degrees)
6. What continent are you in? Europe
7. What time zone are you in? GMT- Greenwich Mean Time
8. What time is it in your country now? 10am
9. Are you in _______?
10. Is English your first language? We also have one other first language.
11. What is your national sport? Hurling and Football
12. Are you a primary school or secondary school?
13. Is your school well known?
14. Can you sing your national anthem?
15. Do you have a team in the six nations? Yes
16. Has your team won the soccer world cup? No

1. Are you coastal?
2. Are you situated north, south, east of west of…?
3. Are you in a city or town?
4. Are you near?

Our Mystery Skype partner school is in Bursa in Turkey. They are located 3951 km from Clontuskert. Bursa is a large city in northwest Turkey, lying in the foothills of Mount Uludağ near the Sea of Marmara. It is 2,500m-high. The city is known for its mosques and historical sites from the early Ottoman Empire. It’s nicknamed “Yeşil Bursa” (Green Bursa), because of its many parks and trees, as well as its beautiful mountains.
• Population: 1.854 million (2015)
• Area: 1,036 km²
• Elevation:100 m above sea level.

We Skyped with Fatih who is a student leader in the school and his class. They are 16 and 17 years old. Read about their school here:

We then each presented on our Climate Action Project. Find out about Clontuskert’s work here:

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Assembly 17-11-2017

Congratulations to our Students and Writers of the Week.
Today Ms. Scott was doing Assembly and she organised a beautiful remembrance tree for November. Each student wrote the people they would like to remember on a leaf for the tree.

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Visit from Aaron Turner from Galway Simon Community

Today we had a visit from Aaron Turner from Galway Simon Community. He spoke to us about the problem of homelessness in Ireland. We will be raising funds for the Simon Community on December 15th when we have a Christmas Jumper


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Climate Action- Together we are stronger

Climate Action- Together we are stronger

Find out more on

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Willow work with Kay Synott

November is the month for working on willow so we are outside today maintaining our Willow Outdoor Classroom

and extending the willow tunnel in the garden. It is hard work but it will be worth it in Spring and Summer when we have a beautiful outdoor classroom to work in.

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Rugby training with Tiernan Regan

Today we began Rugby Training with Tiernan Regan. Tiernan plays with Loughrea Rugby and is working with Ballinasloe Rugby and Connacht. The Seniors will train for November and the Juniors for December.

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