Internet Safety & Cyberbullying Workshop for Parents

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Hurling Training with Ger Moran

Today Ger returned to Clontuskert to work on skills such on ground striking, catching and hand passing. Ger will be with us every Monday from now on. 

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Clontuskert Parents’ Association Card Game

The event begins at 8.45pm and the Grand Prize on the night is a trip to the Aran Islands. All support welcome. 

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Easter Egg Hunt with Ms. Scott

Today Ms. Scott organised her annual Easter Egg Hunt in school. 6th Class helped her set up for the Juniors and 2nd class. Each student was in a team and had to search for their colour eggs under the cones. Thanks so much to Ms. Scott for organising. We had such a great time. Happy Easter to all of our friends and family!

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Assembly 7-4-2017 Farewell Mr. Di Muro

Today was Mr. Di Muro’s final day in Clontuskert so we held a special assembly to say ‘Auf Wiedersehn’. It was also ‘No Uniform Day’ for Chernobyl Children. Thanks to everyone who donated to the cause. 200 euro was raised for this worthy cause. Well done to all of the students. Happy Easter one and all!

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10@10 for Easter

This morning we held a 10@10 before our Easter holidays to keep us nice a fit and healthy! Thanks to 5th and 6th Class for organising.
Healthy body-Healthy mind!

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Georg’s Final Adventure

When Georg got home from school he sat down in a comfy chair as he was very tired.

He looked out the window and could see the birds at the bird feeder. He saw bluetits and a thrush.

He decided to play soccer and go in goals but he wasn’t flexible enough and let in loads of goals.

After his game of soccer he visited the tree house to take a nap. He was very tired.

The sun was shining over our house so Georg sat on the deck chair and tried to get a tan!

Georg was a bit scared that he might fall off the swings but he still had great fun!

Georg loved being at our house! Look how happy he is!

He tried to eat all the cornflakes as he was so hungry after his adventures.

What an amazing week Georg has had in Clontuskert!!

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Georg in Lismanny

Today Georg visited Lismanny. Lismanny is Lios Máine in Irish, meaning the fort of the monks. 
This is Georg on the Surface. He is looking around on the Desktop. He loved looking at all of our work on OneNote especially our German section with the German vocabulary and songs. He learned a lot more about technology and how to use computers.

This is Georg outside on the swings and seesaws, having a good time. He needed some fresh air after all the hard work and homework earlier. Clontuskert is a Health Promoting School so we know that is very important to get out and play in the fresh air.

Georg played hide and seek with my cousins and I. He was really good at hiding. It took us a good few minutes to find him!

Georg is looking forward to Easter and here he is playing with the Easter chicks in the bucket. He can’t wait for the Easter Egg Hunt with the Junior Room on Friday!

Georg is reading the newspaper to see what is going on in Ballinasloe and around the world!
Georg loves to read!

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Georg’s Adventures

Today Georg visited with one of Clontuskert’s students.

Georg had a little rest first after his long trip from Germany.

Georg met a new friend, a furry, green ball. He liked his new friend and they were amazed to see each other’s fur!

Georg met my cat Boody and they sat together and Boody really like him. Boody is a very calm cat.

Next Georg met Jess, my dog. Jess liked Georg too!

Georg went into the garden to look at all the plants.

Georg had another rest after all of his adventures! It is hard work being a German mascot visiting Ireland!

Next Georg spotted the bluebells. He wanted to see them and find out what they are called in English. In German they are Glockenblume and in Irish they are called cloigín gorm.

Here Georg is with me wearing a top hat. He loves dress up.

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FIRST LEGO League Junior

Congratulations to Ms. Scott and 1st and 2nd class who took part in FIRST LEGO League Junior this evening in the Radisson Blu in Galway. Thanks also to Mr. Di Muro for his help on the night. 

The theme for this year’s project was Creature Craze and the students have worked really hard on this theme since January. Paul Sneem came to the table and the students spoke on camera about each of their models.

Each team had a different model and they had a Show Me poster to explain their research. One team built a Sensor Gate that allowed the cows into the field by activating the IR Sensor. 

Another team had a tractor that picked up the hay to feed the horses in the shed. A smaller tractor then brought the hay into the pens.

Team three built a Sensor Door to the shed that was activated by the cows entering and closed behind them so they couldn’t escape once they were in. 

The final group had a tractor that used a sensor to move and stop. This was to show how important health and safety is on a farm as John Kelly and Joe Campbell taught us about when they came to tell us about their farms. 

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